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Weekly Challenge

I’ve decided to start a new writing challenge. Every week on Sunday, by midnight I’ll post a new original story on this site. I make no guarantees as to genre, length or overall quality, but I’ll make something. I want to do this for at least 6 weeks after which I may change the rules depending on how things go.

To kick us off, I’ve got an entry for this week. I hope you enjoy.

In spring, I let you in through my window. Beneath trees just beginning to spread their green canopy above us. I held back the screen, eyes wide. I let you in. When they looked down at me, I did not feel like a child. I looked through your eyes.

In summer, we raged against the world they’d built. You stood behind me as I worked. Your eyes ever present in the mirror. The heat of the sun weighted heavy in the air. We kicked aimlessly at the bases of street signs.

In autumn, the wind chilled me through to my bones, and shivering I clutched my arms around me. My legs stretched out like pillars beneath me. The ground sunk far away. You were wet leaves on concrete, leaving patterns as the metal blades of the rake scraped past.

In the cold of winter I still see you. I’ve run and run until my legs refuse to carry me further. The voices of the trees are sharper here. The forest speaks a different tongue. I see your eyes sometimes darting between the trunks. I pretend not to notice. You’re a skin that I can’t seem to shed.