stmp is a terminal based music player for the subsonic protocol. It aims to be a streaming equivalent to ncmpcpp.

Dragonfly FAQ

Some frequently asked questions about my airplane, and flying in general. What kind of plane is that? It’s a Viking Dragonfly MK III. The Dragonfly is a 2 place experimental canard. It cruises around 120kts and has an endurance of about 3 hours. My Dragonfly is powered by a 110 hp Corvair engine. Why the dragonfly? I wanted a plane that was interesting. I wanted something that would teach me how airplanes work.

Shimano cranks for the tsdz2

I’ve been using my TSDZ2 powered e-bike conversion for the past couple years. One issue I’ve run into is that the stock cranks are fairly low quality and the threads tend to wear out and strip (especially if your pedals gets bonked up against anything). This can result in the pedals coming off the bike, or just getting wedged at a weird angle where they meet the cranks. Rather than get yet another set of stock cranks, I decided to try to use something more durable.